• NRG is the Networking and Referral Group being hosted by the Parramatta Chamber of Commerce. It is an opportunity for like-minded business people to communicate and share with each other in a positive environment for business growth. We provide Networking, Business Education and Support for businesses in Western Sydney.

    This is an exclusive Chamber member Networking Referral Group, non-members can attend 2 meetings before deciding whether to join Chamber.

    If you are not sure which group to join or wants more information contact:
    Roy Halabi on 0414 622 422 or info@parramattachamber.com.au

  • NRG Groups


    Meets Thursday 7.15am The Emporium, 51 Phillip Street, Parramatta

    Contact David Rosenthal, 0421 846 313, info@parramattachamber.com.au

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    Meets Wednesday 7.15am Badmanners Café, 1 Horwood Place, Parramatta

    Contact Vishnu Naidu, 0403 110 009, info@parramattachamber.com.au

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    Meets Tuesday 9.45am Level 3, Suite 1, 1 Horwood Place, Parramatta

    Contact Peter Neville, 1300 558 001, info@parramattachamber.com.au

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    Meets Friday 9.45am Badmanners Cafe, 1 Horwood Place, Parramatta

    Contact Markus Przyrembel, 0412 466 294, info@parramattachamber.com.au

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