• Rhonda Itaoui



     Rhonda Itaoui

     Western Sydney University | 0476 146 742




    Dr. Rhonda Itaoui is the Director of the Centre for Western Sydney, at Western Sydney University, and a distinguished researcher on issues pivotal to the Western Sydney region. She earned her PhD with first-class honours in human geography and has garnered global recognition for her work in amplifying the voices of vulnerable groups.


    Dr. Itaoui brings over eight years of expertise in social research, human geography, diversity, and multiculturalism. Sydney region.  As Director, she is committed to amplifying community voices and collaboratively working with various stakeholders, including researchers, industry professionals, and government officials, to develop policies that meet community needs and foster the success of the Western Sydney region.


    Her approach to research is community-centric, prioritising the needs and aspirations of the people in Western Sydney, a community characterised by its youth, cultural diversity, commitment to education, and opportunities for innovation. In addition, she drives an impactful research agenda that seeks to influence public debate and provide communities with accessible research outputs. Dr. Itaoui’s appointment and work at the Centre play a crucial role in maximising opportunities for communities of Western Sydney.