• Rhonda Itaoui



     Rhonda Itaoui

     Western Sydney University | 0476 146 742




    I am the current Director of the Centre for Western Sydney, at Western Sydney University, and publish research and thought leadership on issues pivotal to the Western Sydney region. These include key pieces advocating for the Parramatta and Western Sydney region such as "Parramatta 2035," a study on the future of Parramatta as a global city, "State of the Arts in Western Sydney," an expose of funding inequities between Eastern and Western Sydney and "Unlimited Potential," a strategic economic blueprint for Western Sydney's future transformation.

    Born and raised in the Parramatta area, I am passionate about the future development of Parramatta remaining inclusive and retaining its distinct identity while it continues to transform into Sydney’s city centre.

    In my role with the Parramatta Chamber of Commerce, I seek to leverage my insights on the Parramatta region to leverage the strategic focus of the Chamber’s activities, as well as networks and connections within and beyond the University. In addition, I seek to contribute to the thought leadership activities of the Chamber, including informing conversations around key public policy issues and advocacy areas that affect local business in Parramatta.