• Culture & Wellbeing event 2020

    On Wednesday 26 February 2020, the inaugural Culture & Wellbeing event was held in the beautiful Parramatta Parklands. The Parramatta Chamber of Commerce launched this unique nature-based event representing a collaboration between the Parramatta Chamber of Commerce, Gone Bush Adventures and City of Parramatta.

    The spirit of this event was to host an intimate gathering of business and community leaders to enable participants to experience a deeper connection, understanding and appreciation around the region’s cultural/natural heritage and to refocus leaders on wellbeing at an individual, corporate and community level.

    Commencing with a traditional Aboriginal smoking ceremony followed by a facilitated ‘walking workshop’ and networking time, this unique event was designed to uplift and connect the Parramatta business community and leave attendees enriched, refocused, renewed and inspired to make have a positive impact on the future of the region.

    Participants experienced a traditional Aboriginal smoking ceremony, involving facilitated conversations about wellbeing, leadership and community while connecting leaders to each other and the natural/cultural heritage of the Western Sydney area, led by Dharug cultural facilitator, Stuart McMinn.

    The Parramatta Chamber of Commerce and City of Parramatta have a long-standing history and relationship around promoting positive business and community outcomes in the Western Sydney region. This event is a continuation of that partnership and designed to support the business community in positively impacting the broader culture and environment of the region.

    Schon G. Condon RFD, our President says: “I implore the businesses of Parramatta to get behind this initiative and help promote and develop the city of Parramatta into the future centre of the Western Sydney region.”

    Gone Bush Adventures, a proud member of Parramatta Chamber of Commerce, is a specialist
    nature-based professional development and events company that works with corporate
    teams throughout the Greater Sydney region on wellbeing, culture and leadership programs
    and events.

    Special thanks to cultural facilitator - Stuart McMinn, Lord Mayor Cr Bob Dwyer - City of
    Parramatta, Schon G. Condon RFD - President of Parramatta Chamber of Commerce and thank
    you to all attendees for your engagement.

    On behalf of the Parramatta Chamber of Commerce, we are pleased to announce that the
    Culture & Wellbeing event will become a signature annual event to welcome the new year.
    Click here to see a link to Jarrod Bryant beautiful photos capturing the event.