• Vasco's Charcoal Chicken



    About Us

    Our favourite things in life once discovered are to be enjoyed and shared with others. We believe to do so is the meaning of life. Centuries ago, the famous Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama devoted his life to discovering places and things to advance mankind. His sense of adventure was matched by his sense of flavour and pioneered the introduction of chillies to Portugal which created the basis for our Vasco’s Famous Peri Peri and Chilli Sauces. We offer Peri Peri or Chilli Sauce with our FREE RANGE chickens. At Vasco’s we have a special marination process, and our chickens are Bigger, Juicier and Tastier, and of course, our chickens are free range, not caged, just like Vasco Da Gama free to Roam. Vasco’s Chargrill Chicken Discovered 1497.