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    About Us

    MaxMyProfit was established in 2015 by Ben Fewtrell and David Carlin to provide help and support to business owners who want to grow successful and profitable businesses. They have worked with enough business owners to know what works and what doesn’t and their main purpose is to provide business owners like yourself with the coaching and support you need.

    Drawing on the established systems and over many decades of direct SME experience across various industries, the Business Excelerators at MaxMyProfit understand the major problems business owners like you face and provide education and guidance to help you overcome them

    Each year our impact provides millions of dollars in new revenue to our businesses, more employment and more stability, but most of all, more piece of mind to our members and their teams that their business can grow and be successful.

    As a Business Excelerator, I provide a mix of accountability and inspiration, education and support, guidance and advice, picking you up when you need it and giving you a proverbial kick in the butt on occasion too!

    I work with you using our tools to develop an action plan and ensure you stay on track to implement it. You will become crystal clear on what your goals are and I will work with you to turn those goals into a reality.