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    About Us

    We are a national provider of work and health solutions. Our client-centred services support people to remain at work, return to work, or find new work that is right for their goals, lifestyle and capacity. By supporting people to be safe, well and productive in work that is right for them, we reduce the impact of employment change, illness or injury on individuals, their family, employers and the community.

    We recruit tertiary qualified health and employment professionals with backgrounds in Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Nursing, Exercise Physiology, and Rehabilitation Counselling. IPAR delivers injury prevention, injury management and return to work services to employers across Australia. IPAR also works closely with insurers, agents and brokers to achieve timely and sustainable return to work outcomes.

    At IPAR, we see Return to Work as an emergency. The early identification of risks and barriers is paramount. We use a number of validated and proven approaches to risk assessment, which then guide our Return to Work planning. IPAR has invested extensively in the design and development of proven injury prevention programs.

    We can assist in ensuring that your workplace is able to adapt to your employees rather than making them adapt to the workplace. Our employer direct division, Cogent Thinking, was established in response to feedback from employers, specifically how difficult and complex they find the injury and claims management processes of their business.