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    Guardian Property Specialists (GPS) is a licensed real estate agency. From the very beginning, we set out to guide investors, by providing them with step by step directions through the obstacle course of disinformation disguised as research. GPS also guides investors through the maze of property developments and the highly involved process from purchase to settlement.

    Better than any satellite navigator on the market that guides you to a physical street address, the experienced team at GPS will lead you to vital information that raises your awareness to recognise the opportunities amongst the clutter of poorly developed and located properties that are often too highly priced.

    GPS clients are for life. Once clients have purchased and tenanted their first property, a new sense of empowerment and confidence to continue building their property portfolio is established. After a year of capital growth and consistent rental cash flow, they are poised to add the next carefully selected property to their portfolio.

    GPS staff have interstate experience, research, tools and support to help make your national property portfolio a reality. Our most astute investors enjoy choosing the best locations and properties available nation-wide, taking advantage of varying property cycles, state incentives and high value opportunities.