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    About Us

    Small and medium businesses in Australia are under-serviced and underbanked. It is incredibly hard for owners to access finance as the banking sector abandoned the segment a long time ago.

    -What I do

    Put simply, I provide cash flow funding to Australian companies with temporary cash flow issues.

    A tight cash flow is only the symptom of underlying issues. I typically start by identifying the root causes. Cash flow finance can only cure the symptom and would make things worse if they were not addressed.

    As well as providing finance I partner with owners and work with them to improve the overall performance of their business to help them minimise the funding period and the interest.
    -Why Me?

    As the former owner of mid-sized companies in construction, I have experienced first-hand the stress and sleepless nights that most owners face when cash flow is tight, and there is not enough cash left to pay wages.

    I provide finance fast and in uncomplicated ways.

    -Who I Work With

    I work with SMEs that:
    - Want to grow but lack funding,
    - Face seasonal demand,
    - Carry too much inventory,
    - Generate a loss,
    - Have an ATO debt, or
    - Face other challenges.