• When money is put before safety!

    Media Release                                                                                         
    10 May 2019
    When money is put before safety!
    The Parramatta Chamber of Commerce extends its sincere condolences to the family of Mr Shanley who was tragically killed in the horrific 11 vehicle motor accident yesterday on the M4. The 36-year-old truck driver from Wentworthville was on his way to work when his utility and several other cars were hit by a truck.  We also express our thoughts to the drivers and families of the 5 people that were transferred to hospital.
    Tragically this loss of life, and injury occurred in the proximity of the Church Street off-ramp.  The first time tolling of the M4 at this point has long been a genuine point of concern to the Chamber.  Schon Condon President of the Chamber has said “this is clearly evidence that toll income has been put well above road safety”.
    Input from local road users echoes the Chamber’s concerns.  “I take this road everyday” says local resident Joe Bousimon. “I see these potential crashes every morning and it’s so sad that someone has lost their life all because of money and everyone takes a desperate last-minute chance to avoid the toll”.
    The Parramatta Chamber of Commerce has voiced its concerns for over two years regarding the negative impact that the introduction of tolls on the M4 has had on traffic entering Parramatta from the south, but alas this has fallen on deaf ears.  The original M4 toll was not imposed at this point for valid reasons, and there has been no real benefit to the James Ruse Drive entry/exit to warrant the toll.  In short, this has now caused disastrous congestion and a very negative impact on businesses and residents in Parramatta.
    The Parramatta Chamber calls on the NSW Government and WestConnex to scrap the M4 tolls at this point to remedy the situation and avoid further deaths. It appears this has resulted with motorists seeking to avoid the costly tolls which start at the Church Street exit heading into Sydney, and additionally finish just before the on ramp at Church Street heading west.
    The delays experienced by people wanting to enter Parramatta City from the south can now be an additional 30 minutes for every trip, caused by vehicles seeking access to Parramatta Road to avoid the toll.
    “This was an accident waiting to happen” says Schon Condon, President of the Parramatta Chamber of Commerce. “We are devasted that this has resulted in the loss of a valued life”.  He continues “Two accidents in two days with horrible consequences. The State Government needs to also address the management of trucks on roads in Greater Sydney during peak times”.
    The City of Parramatta is becoming a considerable centre of commerce which requires great transport connections for the people who work, live and seek recreation in the centre.  We acknowledge the efforts to improve future travel conditions for motorists travelling past Parramatta, but not at this deadly cost!
    For further information, please contact the Chamber office on 02 9635 0022
    or romina@parramattachamber.com.au
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