• Making a difference sector by business sector.

    Making a difference sector by business sector.

    The Parramatta Chamber of Commerce is leading the way and progressively engaging the business community to join the conversation. The Chamber launched their first ‘Education Forum’ last month and was so overwhelmed with the response, that a follow up Education Forum was held early this month and continues to be work in progress from the outcomes of that forum.

    These Forums will form an integral part of the future focus of the Parramatta Chamber of Commerce and its dedication to the business community and the Chamber will continue to drive these conversations.

     “We are committed to creating opportunity and platforms that engage the business community and represent the collective voice that is imperative for driving positive change in the interests of that business community”

    David Hill, President of the Parramatta Chamber of Commerce.
    Parramatta is quickly becoming a major centre for education in Western Sydney and internationally. With a new university campus, many RTOs, a wide range of schools and other related services, the Parramatta Chamber of Commerce believed it was time to talk about a vision for the future. Invitations for the forum were exclusive to the Education sector and those businesses were invited to come along and have their say, sharing their thoughts and experiences with like-minded industry professionals and peers.  
    The next scheduled forum is the ‘Retail Forum’ to be held on Thursday 17 August 10am – 11am and is
    exclusive to the retail sector.

    Please contact the Chamber office if you are interested in attending the Retail Forum.  Entry is free.

    We welcome your support and encourage your involvement in joining these important conversations.

    For all enquiries, contact the Parramatta Chamber of Commerce office on 9635 0022 and visit our
    website to be kept up to date with all Chamber events and correspondence.