• Draft Community Strategic Plan 2018 – 2038 - Feedback

    Draft Community Strategic Plan 2018 – 2038 - Feedback

    The Parramatta Chamber of Commerce shares the vision and key objectives outlined in the City of
    Parramatta’s Draft Strategic Plan and deems management of change and transformation is key to
    shaping the outcomes and success of this evolving city. The concern is that the vision will fall short
    primarily due to poor planning.

    Parramatta Chamber have concerns with the existing strategies and the inability to meet the demands
    of the growing population.
    Poor infrastructure remains the vital issue and although the Chamber appreciates projects such as
    Parramatta Light Rail, the disruption to roads, public access, parking, ferry links, rail and Eat Street will
    dramatically impact business and residential harmony.

    The Chamber welcomes Parramatta becoming a landmark destination with the development of
    Parramatta Square but again is concerned anything less than world class infrastructure will directly
    impact tourism in addition to current activity with economic side effects.
    Focus on a night time economy is the realistic challenge to influence workers to remain in Parramatta
    after hours for recreational purposes.

    The city of Parramatta is focused on attracting larger companies and job growth yet there is an
    undersupply of A-grade office space at zero rate.
    How will the city attract talent and harvest opportunity when infrastructure cannot meet the demands
    of this vision for the current population, let alone the rapid population growth forecast for the next
    20 years.
    The estimated population boom raises more questions than answers.
    Traffic congestion will intensify with the Western Sydney Stadium with one single heavy rail train
    station expected to service and manage the enormous growth predicted for the city.

    The Chamber encourages Parramatta embraces its colonial heritage and ensures the balance of old
    and new, especially with consideration to future projects that should not compromise character and
    essence to be pro-development.

    In the interest of all residents, workers and visitors, we hope that the goal of a bigger more prosperous
    city delivers safe neighbourhoods, a booming economy, cosmopolitan lifestyle, arts, culture and
    colonial history, great education for our future and a world class education hub and medical precinct.

    However ‘access’ to these services and facilities is vital for success and need to be prioritised and
    mapped out in the planning stages.

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