• Beyond the Construction Zone.

    Beyond the Construction Zone.

    The Parramatta Chamber of Commerce hosts a much anticipated event each year known as the State of the City Address Parramatta which was established in 2002. Over the years, this event has provided a platform for thought leadership which has helped shape the outcomes of the city of Parramatta.  
    This event presents an ideal opportunity to address the leaders of Western Sydney, including civic, business and cultural leaders across the region.
    The Parramatta Chamber of Commerce is delighted to welcome back Walker Corporation as major sponsor for this event. Our partners include City of Parramatta, Sydney Business Chamber - Western Sydney and support sponsor Macquarie Bank to present the 2018 State of the City Address.  
    Walker Corporation is proud to be Australia’s largest private development company that diversifies with projects across all areas of the property spectrum including residential, retail, commercial, industrial, master planned communities and resort style living. Walker Corporation will deliver the community of Parramatta one of the largest urban renewal projects in Australia, spanning across a three hectare site.
    The $2 billion Parramatta Square Redevelopment will revitalise Parramatta - with new A-Grade office space, residential apartments, including the tallest residential tower in Sydney, twin commercial towers as well as civic facilities.
    The current state of the city is a construction zone with unprecedented high rise and infrastructure development. Many projects are underway with grand visions for the city. The rise of Parramatta has rapidly changed the landscape of our city with massive amounts of investment injected into the city. Both State and Local governments have committed to Parramatta and Western Sydney to ensure a vibrant, cosmopolitan and tourist destination for Parramatta. Visions for this great city include the Powerhouse Museum, the development of the commercial hub Parramatta Square, Parramatta Light Rail and Western Sydney Stadium to name a few.
    This year SOTC will focus on what the city will look like Beyond the Construction Zone and the opportunity for business in a new paradigm and positioning a sustainable future.  
    Within a short while the construction will be completed and this along with the rapid emergence of digital technology disrupting business, will mean that the city will change and change dramatically. Along with the disruption and change comes opportunity.