• BEE is the Buzz in Parramatta

    BEE is the Buzz in Parramatta.
    December 4, 2018 will mark the inaugural Business Environment Expo (BEE), a new annual forum designed to support Western Sydney’s business community to better manage the environmental impact of their operations.
    The BEE platform has been proudly founded by the Parramatta Chamber of Commerce and sponsored
    by the City of Parramatta, who are currently undergoing a twenty-year initiative aimed at preserving the region and reducing carbon emissions through to 2038.
    Proudly hosted by Western Sydney University, a global leader in sustainability research, the BEE initiative will intertwine a TedX style forum with a range of engaging information hubs to navigate discussion around sustainability practices such as the management of energy, materials, and water in a contemporary business context.
    The afternoon of Tuesday 4 December 2018 will offer a free and publicly accessible platform which will initiate conversation and facilitate workshopping sessions relating to the challenges facing various business sectors today. BEE is dedicated to celebrating sustainable practice whilst also providing opportunities for Western Sydney businesses to collaborate with one another.
    “The emergence of so many new business leaders throughout Western Sydney presents a significant opportunity to initiate long-term, positive change” says Schon Condon, President Parramatta Chamber of Commerce.
    With Western Sydney poised to become one of Australia’s major economic powerhouses, the BEE initiative is dedicated to initiating this movement through collaboration, thought leadership, and educational practices designed to reinvigorate the conventional business-to-business dynamic and improve the relationship between businesses and their environments.
    The Parramatta Chamber of Commerce is committed to serving the needs of the business community both within Parramatta and Greater Sydney. We recognise that managing environmental issues is essential for business success and we want to enable businesses across Western Sydney to lead in this space.
    For further information, please contact the Chamber office on 02 9635 0022.
    For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Romina Bousimon; romina@parramattachamber.com.au

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