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    About Us

    Are you a business looking for opportunities in the not-for-profit and government sectors? Whether that be in providing services, networking or in forming partnerships for projects?
    NCOSS Connections brings together business, not-for-profits, and government to work together towards a NSW free of poverty and inequality.
    We are looking for businesses with aligned values who are seeking to:
    • Provide high quality, targeted services to organisations in the not-for-profit sector and/or
    • Connect to stakeholders across the not-for-profit and/or government sector to explore possible collaborations that will alleviate poverty and disadvantage across NSW.
    NCOSS Connections new membership category aims to strategically bring the sectors together to engage both online and at events. We proactively support the creation of partnerships and provide a platform that will build the capacity of the social sector. Joining as a member of NCOSS Connections means you are a part of our journey to advocate, collaborate and mobilise for change to end poverty and inequality in NSW.
    If you have an interest in either (or both) of these goals, we will meet with you to discuss how NCOSS may be able to support you to connect and provide solutions that bring value to both you AND our members.

    For more information contact:
    Susie Saba | Business Development Manager | susie@ncoss.org.au | 02 8960 7918 | 0407 780 787 | ncoss.org.au/connections


    • NCOSS Connections will expand upon the existing work that connects our members to business and government sectors
    • To create a stronger social sector, encourage and mobilise more dynamic cross-sectorial partnerships
    • Build the social sector’s capacity for stronger communities in NSW
    • Promote services and products through an online Corporate Service Hub, website, social media pages and e-news letter
    • Engagement opportunities at our annual Regional Conferences, Investing for Good annual Conference and other events