• Annual General Meeting 2018

  • Parramatta Chamber of Commerce appoints
    a new Board and President

    The Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday 11 May 2018 has appointed a new Board for the Parramatta City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. which will continue their great work in the community.

    The Chamber Board consists of 15 elected board members. The office bearer of the Chamber shall comprise the Executive Committee consisting of the President, the two Vice Presidents and the Treasurer together with the Immediate past President providing being the latter be an elected Board member.

    The executive committee’s roles and responsibilities will include planning, policy and legal and financial management of the Chamber.

    We welcome newly appointed President Schon G. Condon of Condon Associates Group.

    Schon has spent the last 30 years of his working life in the City of Parramatta and has had a strong connection to the city, its people and the business community.

    The executive team includes:
    Immediate Past President - David Hill (ARC Group), Vice President - Angela Haynes (KPMG), Vice President Kenneth Ti (Adams & Partners Lawyers) and Treasurer Eric Tjoeng (Business Growth & Exit Specialists) and President Schon G. Condon (Condon Associates Group).

    Other Board members include:
    Toufic Bazouni, Rosa Bellissimo, The Hon Alan Cadman OAM, Gary Carter, Charles Galayini, Roy Halabi, Hans Joachim, Vishnu Naidu, Steve Reynolds and John Risso.

    Parramatta Chamber of Commerce has been working with the community for over 100 years. The Chamber is not for profit organisation which promotes and shares best business practice, and offers platforms to lobby government on behalf of business where required, including advocacy for Education, representation to government, industrial relations and issue management.

    Newly appointed President, Schon Condon has expressed his excitement in continuing the great work of the Chamber and working closely with the Board and the greater business community stating:

    “The Chamber is committed to serving the needs and interests of the business community and promoting business growth and positive change.”

    We would like to thank our wonderful members that support us through membership, events and sponsorship ensuring the Chamber continues to thrive and give back to the business community by providing platforms for cross promotion, networking, business growth and community engagement.